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Jenny Patinkin Luxury Vegan Powder/Bronzer Brush

The tapered shape of this brush allows for a light touch of powder or bronzer to be placed only where you want or need it, without over distributing or dulling the complexion. Whether it’s a mattifying powder between the brows or around the nose or a dusting of bronzer on the cheeks and temples, this brush picks up a delicate wash of product and floats it onto the skin precisely, seamlessly and effortlessly..

Jenny Patinkin's Luxury Vegan makeup brushes prove that you don’t have to sacrifice luxury, quality or results when you choose a vegan brush. Each brush is made with high quality and technologically advanced synthetic fibers that are finer than a natural hair and packed with 2.5x as many bristles as a conventional brush, resulting in a velvety feel and a seamless application

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