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About African Botanics

Harnessing the power of Marula Oil is the heart and soul of African Botanics, created by Craig and Julia Noik.

Grown uncultivated in only one place on Earth within South Africa, this exotic Marula tree grows wild and free. African Botanics Pure Marula Oil is a potent resource of nutrition and antioxidant energy for your skin cells. It is ideal for dry, oily, sensitive, blemish prone and sun damaged complexions.

Extracted and bottled at the source utilizing advanced patented green technology and sophisticated, supercritical extraction methods without heat or chemical solvents to ensure purity, bio-availability, stability, and full potency of this antioxidant oil. 

Eco-luxury skincare collection driven by ancient African phytochemistry and rich botanical pharmacology

In the southernmost region of a vast and ancient continent, believed to be the very cradle of humankind, there is a land of great beauty, rich in scenic splendor, cultural diversity and is arguably unparalleled for its magnificent variety of fauna and flora.  African Botanics stands passionate for pristine mother nature. The brand's love for Africa drives its desire to explore this unique continent and discover indigenous plants and extraordinary places.

African Botanics - Skin Repair MaskMade in the heart of South Africa, African Botanics' products convey a rich diversity of the African landscape and flora through signature, bespoke formulations utilizing unique ingredients, luxury textures and rare raw materials that embody the absolute African spirit.

Their time-tested, indigenous botanicals and exquisite plant oils are meticulously united with centuries old tradition, cutting-edge science and the latest breakthrough technologies that take us on a journey through the mystery of the African continent and it’s many unique eco systems.

This is where your journey begins.

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About the Founders 

African Botanics FoundersAfrican Botanics was founded by couple Craig and Julia Noik, both who were born and raised in South Africa in 2012. Raised absorbing and discovering the beauty of South Africa’s nature, age-old traditions, and inspirations of their homeland, lead them to the creation of African Botanics skincare collection.

Growing up there and subsequently moving away to Los Angeles, California in 1997 had a great impact on how they view the world. The fact that they are now able to tie together their youth with their current world living in Los Angeles and never lose sight of their roots, is something they are extremely grateful for.

African Botanics was founded not only as a creative outlet, but also in an effort to preserve and promote Africa’s biodiversity, create jobs that make a positive impact in people’s lives, as well as harness the properties of indigenous plants, exhibiting South Africa’s rich cultural heritage that has endured for millennia.

Each product they compose is made from start to finish in South Africa, giving African Botanics a rich sensory experience, heart, soul and a unique story to share. Their intention was also to create a seamless blend of true luxury and nature that can perfectly accommodate the needs of any modern individual.

(Photos Courtesy African Botanics)


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