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About Erbaviva

Good For You. Good For The Planet.

Erbaviva offers a beautiful range of organic skin care products for your daily beauty rituals. Formulated exclusively from nature for baby, pregnancy and all enlightened beauty seekers who demand truly healthy, organic products.

Erbaviva Lip and Cheek Balm Application Erbaviva is an American-made, premium, organic lifestyle brand that fuses European Artisan quality with "Healthy California Organic Culture."

Erbaviva has taken organic a step further in selecting not only organic ingredients but the highest quality organic ingredients, from farmers and distillers that they trust.

Every botanical and essential oil is purposeful and hand selected. All of the textures, aromas and nourishing properties are carefully formulated for the benefit of body, soul and skin.

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About The Founders 

Robin Brown

Erbaviva Founder - Robin Brown

Founder and CEO, Robin Brown, is driven by creativity, his deep commitment to nature, and his passion for creating healthy organic products that benefit the human body. Robin’s creation process is similar to how an award-winning chef creates a artisan meal, carefully selecting each ingredient, and intricately combining every element.

He is personally involved in each product formulation and gives final approval on the aroma and texture for every organic ingredient. Robin takes the formulary process to the next level by blending the right concentrations of those ingredients into an exceptionally balanced, skin-nurturing formulas that deliver key ingredients to the skin.

Robin is a true tastemaker in the organic personal care industry and has been a pioneer for organic since 1996.

Anna Cirronis

Founder, Anna Cirronis, is currently the Director of Philanthropic Engagement & Partnerships at Erbaviva. Anna’s love and curiosity for humanity moved her to achieve a Master’s degree in transformational psychology, along with graduate studies in Expressive Arts therapy. 
Erbaviva Founder Anna Cirronis

Her transnational sensitivity toward global issues with focus on holistic body and mind healing originate from Anna’s cultural experience and world travels. She has worked in the U.S. and Nepal with various populations. Predominantly with individuals and groups prone to disadvantage and risk, such as women, children, and people with disabilities.

Under her initiative, Erbaviva has forged lasting relationships with international humanitarian organizations such as Maggie Doyne’s Blinknow Foundation.

(Photos Courtesy Erbaviva)

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