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About Gressa Skin

Science. Love. Art. In a Beautiful, Violet Glass Bottle.

Gressa Skin ProductsGressa was created lovingly in Seattle, Washington by Svetlana Sanchez. A brand I found to be a groundbreaking fusion of green holistic couture color and skincare that meets minimalism to it's core. Svetlana combined her family history of traditional herbalism, her scientific background and a desire for simple, fine and extraordinary lifestyle rituals to replace the modern habits of over-consuming.

Gressa Skin offers a comprehensive vegan skincare and makeup line masterfully formulated to offer the most impeccably efficacious skincare solutions without ever compromising purity of ingredients. Most formulations are made with at least 85% organic content. 

The Gressa Minimalist Corrective Serum Foundation was the first and only oil based serum foundation in the beauty industry. The revolutionary, trademarked formula is weightless, thin and has a luminous powdery finish. Silicone free formulated, it highlights the use of cold pressed Broccoli Seed oil as a silicone alternative, which allows skin to breathe. The Gressa healing Complex uses clinically researched herbs that correct common skincare concerns over time.

Celebrated and revered by Forbes, Nylon, Vogue, Refinery 29, the Zoe Report and many more, Gressa continues to stand out for it's glamour and sex appeal while still remaining free of silicones, preservatives, and anything that is harmful for your health.

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About The Founder 

Svetlana Sanchez

Gressa Skin Founder - Svetlana SanchezGressa's founder says she created her brand from the desire to create something very special and worthy of a woman’s delicate skin.

The Gressa Collection is filled with worldly ritual-inspired apothecary items as well as glamorous color skincare cosmetics. As the world takes notice, she invites you to take the leap into the world of divine textures, luxurious olfactory endeavors and truly, the best skin of your life.

Her dream is to invade every woman’s bathroom, purse and nightstand with a beautiful glass bottle or jar filled with more than just skincare but a beautifying experience that elevates and inspires her to be authentic, unapologetic and fearless.

(Photos Courtesy Gressa Skin)


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