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About Oille

Intelligent Beauty.

Oille Spray

Oille is smart skincare, scientifically advanced in purity and plant DNA. Formulated by a clinical aromatherapist, Oille is truly a pioneer in clean, natural beauty.

95% of essential oils are fraudulent - until now.
Not all essential oils are safe to use as they can be easily adulterated with skin irritating contaminants 
causing allergic reactions from redness to rashes.

This is why Oille are the first skincare brand to go beyond organic - to give you the ultimate transparency, you need. Named "new disruptor on the green market", by Vanity Fair.

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About The Founder 

Kristin King

Oille Founder Kristin KingOille (oi-yelle) was created when founder Kristin King decided she wanted to expose the truth about essential oils.       

She began practicing the holistic healing art of aromatherapy in 2012 while pregnant with her first child. Her curiosity turned to professional training and certification in the ethical use and safe application of essential oils. In her studies, King learned the benefits of evidence-based, medicinal plant properties, advanced chemical component blending techniques and the revelation that 95 percent of essential oils are fake.

She is a clean beauty expert that hopes to connect others to the truth about essential oils, challenge transparency and change the future of beauty. Named "expert setting a new standard by the New York Times, King is a pioneer in the clean beauty space.Her aromatherapy certification is recognized by the Holistic Aromatherapy Alliance of Aromatherapists and the International Federation of Professional Aromatherapists. 


(Photos Courtesy Oille)

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