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About Omorovicza

An Innovative Skincare Range 2000 Years In The Making 

Omorovicza Budapest

 Over 2000 years ago, the curative properties of the Hungarian thermal waters were discovered and the first baths were built in present day Budapest.

Many of Hungary's most beautiful thermal baths were built in the 1500s by thee occupying Ottaman Turks. They brought to Hungary, the traditional Ottoman hammam and built hundreds of baths on the sites of healing springs and it's here that Omorovicza's story begins.

In the 1800s the Omorovicza family commissioned one of the most famous architects in Hungarian history, Miklos Ybl, to build the beautiful Racz spa in the capital, Budapest, on the site of a medieval healing spring and the first boutique and spa was opened in 2006.

Omorovicza uses high- performance, naturally derived alternatives to commonly used synthetics, ensuring the Omorovicza experience is one of total luxury and maximum efficacy. All products exclude the following ingredients and are never tested on animals:


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The Founders

Stephen and Margaret de Heinrich de Omorovicza

Omorovicza FoundersStephen, a descendant of the noble Omorovicza family, was in Budapest running his family firm when he first met US diplomat Margaret, Chief of Staff at the US Embassy, working for Ambassador Nancy Goodman Brinker. After he took her to Budapest’s ancient spas, their love and skin blossomed, and marriage soon followed.

Inspired by the profound effects of the waters on their skin, Margaret and Stephen were keen to bring Hungary’s enviable beauty heritage to the rest of the world and together embarked on an exciting new skincare business.

Today, Omorovicza is a global beauty brand located in the world’s most exclusive stores and spas, with legions of loyal fans.

LORDE Beauty and Cosmetics was the second independant chosen to be an Omorovicza Spa in the nation, preforming their unrivaled facials and housing their exquisite products for retail. 

Stephen can often be found in the laboratory working on new product formulations, while Margaret has switched effortlessly from her role as a former diplomat to Omorovicza’s global beauty ambassador. 

They juggle their business with bringing up four children, and split their time between London, Budapest and the rest of the world.

(Photos Courtesy Omorovicza)

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