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Sappho Essential Foundation Mia

Light to medium coverage this line is free of regular coconut oil and a favorite for those with problematic breakouts.   

For those that like sheer coverage it is easily thinned with moisturizer.  The product smells amazing and feels feather light. 

With a base of certified organic aloe juice and certificated organic jojoba oil we have added just a touch of shea for moisture and play… it’s lovely!

The now 2nd  palest we have in the Essential line suits a pale skin tone with slightly pink undertones. No coconut oil. 

The new Essential Foundation has taken the best of Sappho Organics original base and reformulated with an all natural emulsifier.

They have infused  the new foundations with nourishing herbs and flower essences as well as phytonutrients and antioxidants. With light to medium coverage the Essential Foundations feel like you are wearing nothing and leave a soft glow to the skin.

With a similar intoxicating aromatic scent our new formulation is now packaged in glass.

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