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LORDE Dry Brush

Daily dry brushing changes your life!

Not only does it subtly exfoliate, it increases your health by stimulating and increasing blood circulation for ultimate lymphatic health. It also will stimulate the nervous system that leaves you with an invigorated sense of wellbeing. 

My tips:

After showering, apply body oil.

Sitting down, use two dry brushes, one in each hand and lightly start brushing the bottom of feet, all the way up the back of the legs to hips in upwards strokes. Repeat this on the top of the feet working up the legs to your hips.

Raise one arm and brush from finger tips and palms down the inside of the arm, down your underarm and under breast. The work on outside of your hand down the forearm to shoulder, then take dry brush from the nape of your neck and brush outwards accross your shoulder blades. Repeat on the other side.

Last, from inner hip work upwards strokes lightly over the stomach to the heart then from back of ears work lightly down each side of the neck, chest to heart. 

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