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LILFOX Dream and Poof Duo

Available only at LORDE!Enjoy the exclusive LILFOX Dream and Poof Duo. Experience these best selling products from LILFOX: Dewy Bean Dream Bedtime Mask + Marshmallow Poof 15% Peptide Filling Crema.

This exclusive set is $225 and saves over $30!

 This dynamic duo improves every complexion, and will boast incredible results!

Smooth fine lines, decongest clogged skin, and repair overnight with the gentle, yet powerful, Dewy Bean Dream. A retinol alternative, this is perfect for even sensitive skin. A high concentration of Dew Bean, niacinimide, lactic and glycolic acids, combined with the plumping benefits of bamboo and sodium hyaluronate ensure pillowy, clear skin by morning.

Shitake and marshmallow root power Marshmallow Poof’s formula with mind blowing, plumping, firming, and smoothing effects. This plant based botox in a jar peptide complex is a brilliant alternate to muscle freezing injections, thanks to the potent peptide bioavailable synergy that targets wrinkles, stimulates collagen production and increases hyaluronic acid levels.
Telemerase activating Purslane reverses the signs of photo aging, while Edelweiss o
ffer UV protection.



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