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Manasi 7 Duos

LORDE x Manasi 7 Duos have arrived!

In the ongoing 5 year celebration of LORDE, we are pleased to bring you this fabulous exclusive limited offering from Manasi 7!
Choose from Pink or Bronze, and enjoy these exclusive limited duos only LORDE!
* this offering cannot be combined with any other offers or discount at LORDE.

Manasi 7 Roseate Bronzeligther + Bisque All Over Colour
is a gorgeous balance of barely there peachy-beige with a touch of cool pink that looks refreshing on everyone! Warm up the glow with the subtle elements ofRoseate Bronzelighter-a rose gold, non- orange hue that melts into the complexion for a soft, sun kissed glow.

Manasi 7 Sunsubiro Strobelighter + Dianthus All Over Colour
Dianthusis a cool toned, rosey pink that looks stunning on every complexion, and delivers a lit-from within pop of color. Add the perfect amount of highlighting to the cheekbones or eyes withSunsubiro, a gold meets pink hue that brightens every complexion.

-The combinations are endless! These colors are created to use on the eyes, cheeks, and lips + to mix and match.
*all photos are from Manasi 7

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