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Wellness Oolong Tea Sampler- Art of Tea

Wildly known for aiding in inflammatory skin conditions, Oolong Tea, is a staple in helping to reduce inflammation within the complexion, and within your gut. This is a LORDE must for synchronizing the connection and wellness of both the skin and gut microbiome. Featuring a variety of tea types and a box of our patented Art of Tea Filter Bags, each unique tea is packed in a convenient tin and bundled together in an attractive gift box.

Includes approximately 5-7 servings of each of the following:

    • Iron Goddess of Mercy Tea - Ti Kuan Yin

      A Chinese oolong tea that is storied to have grown on China's high hilltops amongst fresh streams and cool crisp air. Iron Goddess of Mercy is comprised of tender leaves that are gently basket tossed immediately after harvesting to rupture the cells for semi-oxidization. Trust us, you'll want to re-steep this.
    • Orchid Oolong Tea

      Grown in the hilltops of Nantou, Taiwan, Orchid Oolong tea brews a lilac flavor that is buttery and smooth with a fresh orchid finish. Oolong tea leaves are hand-picked and basket tossed in a process known as oxidization. The oolong tea leaves are then rolled into kernels that wait to unfold with flavor in your teapot.
    • Plum Oolong Tea

      Succulent schizandra berries and sweet amber oolong leaves are blended with the tender essence of plum to create our Plum Oolong tea. This tart and fruity plum tea lends a beautiful cup at any time of day.
  • Mandarin Silk Tea

    Our Mandarin Silk tea is a smooth, rich blend of Pouchong tea leaves blended with lemon myrtle and vanilla essence. With creamy and citrus notes, this oolong tea is certain to delight your senses.



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