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Manasi 7 All Over Colour Sissarou Creamy Finish

Manasi 7 all over color Sissarou is somewhere in between pink, brown, and purple lives mauve, the rosy "your lips but better" shade. This dusty mauve taupe shade is rich with just a hint of brown. It works perfectly year round and looks great on everyone. When classic nude isn't enough, and the classic red is too much, the unique mauve shade hits the spot. It's not quite a bold color--more a dramatic pink of your lips. That is precisely what makes it so versatile, and such an object of affection. 

”This unique neutral with cold undertones is a feminine shade that’s effortlessly delicate and expresses confidence. With its dynamic essence and rich substance, this stunning shade is the perfect combination of brown, purple, and berry.”

-Susanne Manasi, founder and CEO 

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