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 Unraveled beauty, what is it?

The definition of beauty is the quality present in a thing or person that gives intense pleasure or deep satisfaction to the mind, whether arising from sensory manifestations, as shape, color, sound, etc., a meaningful design or pattern, or something else, as personality in which high spiritual qualities manifest. 


Intense pleasure. Deep satisfaction to the mind. A meaningful design or pattern. High spiritual qualities. 

When was the last time these feelings were evoked when you referenced your own beauty and what it means to you?


To unravel means to undo, to untangle, unsnarl. Unravel also means to investigate, solve, or explain something complex or puzzling. 

Lastly, unravel can mean to fail or to collapse. 

Most of us seem to immediately go to the fail or collapse. The negative side of what unravel means. 

Who wants their beauty to fail or fall apart?



somehow, those are the negative things we hold tightly to about our beauty. 

The fail. The collapse. She’s fallen apart and doesn’t look like she used to.

Fear surges underneath, like a powerful undercurrent, sweeping you further and further away.

Sadly, the curiosity of what is and could be within your beauty is drowned. 

Now let’s join the two words together.

Unraveled Beauty.

your beauty

Unraveled beauty.

Unraveling our beauty to untangle judgement.

Undo the years of “have-to”.

Unsnarl painful memories associated with our beauty. 


Unraveling to investigate our complex, fascinating and puzzling beauty until we finally understand it.


Unraveling beauty means to unwind, undo and investigate until we are revealed and free.

press play

Unravel to understand. 

Unravel to enjoy, play, and explore one’s beauty from a pure and wholehearted place within.

Intense pleasure.

Deep satisfaction to the mind.

A meaningful pattern or design.

High spiritual qualities.

Our beauty?

Yes. This can be us.

It’s time to press play.

Unraveled - unravel, uncover and reveal your beauty

Written by LORDE Beauty and Cosmetics Founder Rachel Williams, Unraveled is a transformative book empowering one to connect back to their inherent beauty on a daily basis. This book will help you look and feel your best with simplified beauty techniques and practices that Rachel developed and created. Unravel the should-have, have-to, negative self talk and beauty fears of the past,present and future. It's time to simplify. Its time to throw out the dreaded beauty routine and embrace a loving beauty ritual. Unravel, uncover, and reveal your beauty.


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