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Compliments over Judgement

Compliments over Judgement

Practicing self control toward ones beauty or toward others frees you from the nasty autopilot of comparison and judgement. 

Take pause to harness thoughts that are not healthy, and replace them with thoughts of rich value that will add to you and others, not take away from.

Enjoy yourself. Take time discovering the “aha” things that make you feel amazing.

Take time to feel and know that you are a magnificent creation, and others are too.

Efforts may become accomplishments.

Dreams and hopes may be fulfilled.

And I hope they do for us all. But my greater hope, is that through strivings of self improvement, we can see, value, and  affirm one another in a more intentional way than before.

Compliment others. 

Recognize their efforts.

Stretch yourself to see from their point of view, in what they value or hold with hands of hope, and speak it OUT LOUD to them!

We each hold so many beautiful things within and outside of us.

Somehow, we have a tendency to let some of those things die inside when we can’t speak life into them with affirmation.

We can be so very hard on ourselves, and in return, can stop seeing value in what others hold- and then silence.

Compliments over judgement.

Verbal affirmation over silence.

We can do this.

Let’s call out the beauty! 

Call out the goodness!

What maybe was forgotten, unseen, undervalued, let it be unleashed to see its potential!

Breathe life.

Let it be like water and sunshine spilling its nourishing goodness over us.


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