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Grace Covers

Grace Covers

Grace covers a lot.

Not as a concealer, but as a healer.

As a makeup artist, I have applied concealer to so many faces, and each person typically has professed to me that they would need more coverage before I begin. 

I have found that it’s actually not about coverage, and all about the application itself.

Let me show you another way, a kinder way.

Let me show you what grace looks and feels like when applied.

I believe in bringing shadows into the light, not concealing under eye circles- actually just illuminating and revealing your features that already exist.

Not concealing the scar, but softening it- a reminder that it doesn’t need to hide, it’s a mark of beauty and powerful resilience.

Adding the proper concentration minimally and precisely over blemishes allows you to soften judgment toward yourself and harmful comparison. 

Most of the time you can’t see past it, the blemish, and it’s all you see- trust me, it’s not all anyone sees, and it sure is not the only thing I want you to focus on. We see you, beautiful, blessed one.

I have found grace is essential to cover ones face in fully. Grace is a revealer and healer, not a concealer.

With grace we do not hide. 

With grace we abandon shame. 

With grace we pick up our wholeness and wear it as the shiny awesomeness it is!

 It’s healing when you embrace your beautiful self fully.

I have yet to have someone feel otherwise when I show them this. 

It’s not easy. But we can make this choice, and when we do, it’s transformative.

I hope you can join me in this too.


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