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The Wilderness within. Faith. Hope. Love.

The Wilderness within. Faith. Hope. Love.

There are moments, weeks, and seasons, where we are met with the unfamiliar.

The Bible talks a lot about the wilderness, or even that God draws us there, so  that we can unite with the Divine.

Maybe wilderness is starting over, again.

Maybe it’s taking a chance.

Maybe it’s wading through a very heavy year or season, in which very little resembles anything you recognize from your former years.

The wilderness (unfamiliarity)  shuts out the former things in order to bring awareness to the present, and the present, no matter what the situation, may indeed present itself with far more than you could ever hope for.

Opposite of what we may feel, The wilderness does not exist as a place to become lost or confused.

No. The wilderness is here to present what can be found, uncovered, unraveled, both internally and externally.

And just when we think that there is nothing familiar here,

Love presents itself in the wilderness.

Love is not unfamiliar.

It is where we came from, we’re formed within, and is there for us in this exact moment.

It is the essence of the wilderness, and it takes believing (awareness/faith), engaging (hope in action) for us to see, feel, and know, that Love reveals its ever present promise here. 

Touch your face with gratitude, and without judgement. Yes, this loving act is beautiful, and so are you!

Wiggle your toes in the damp morning grass, and join the robins in their favorite stomping ground of curiosity and treasure hunting.

Invite the confetti of petals from flowering trees to fall over you when the breeze picks up and showers it’s beauty over you.

And remember, that these 3 things remain in you, blessed one. Faith. Hope. Love.

*inspired through 1 Corinthians 13:13.


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